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What is PHP and what it can do?


On this important article of Web Development, you will know what is PHP and what it can do.

In 1994, the internet was born as soon as W3C came into history, due to which today we use it for any kind of information. Tim Berners-Lee who is its founder has done a lot of work for the development of web levels. The markup language by which a web page is created is the result of these. But why is it necessary to understand.

Initially, markup language (HTML, XML etc.) was used to create web pages. You must have seen earlier web pages were very simple. You could see only text on them. That is to say, they did not look like the web pages of today. As the number of internet users increased, the design of web pages was also improved rapidly.

As the number of internet users increased, the design of web pages was also improved rapidly. Created the CSS in 1998 using which any web page can be designed. The layout, font colors that appear on a web page are all designed using css. Several coding languages ​​such as programming language, general purpose programming language, and scripting language were invented to improve web pages.

If you want information about how to create a website, then this article is very important for you. So to understand more closely.

What is PHP?

The full meaning is PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server side scripting language designed for web development. This language is also used for general-purpose programming language.

History of php:

This was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. Lerdarf initially created it to track his online resume. He named it Personal Home Page Tool. Rasmus’s big thinking and more functionality led him to rewrite the php tool and a new php model was created. The database interaction of this new model was more efficient.

Rasmus’s big thinking and more functionality led him to rewrite the php tool and a new php model was created. The database interaction of this new model was more efficient. Through this, a framework was provided to the user. With the help of which users could develop simple dynamic web applications like – guestbook.

In June 1995, Rasmus released the source code for php tools, now developers´ could improve on Dynamic web applications created with the help of this code, as well as fix bugs in the code. In a way, the developer’s had full permission that they could fit it wherever they wanted. This was followed by several improvements to this language. Many programming languages ​​were also developed.

After this, many programming languages ​​were also developed, many improvements were made in php. In 1997 PHP 3.0 was released which was the first version of PHP. It was quite capable from the previous version. After its arrival many limited uses of php came to an end and then it was renamed from PHP home page to PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.

Even after this, php has been improving now php 7.3 has been released. Modern language is so capable that multitasking websites like Facebook, Amazon, WordPress have been developed with its use.

What can PHP do?

PHP is a server side scripting language. Through which you can generate a dynamic page. You can open, read, write, delete and close files on a server. php can also add, delete, and modify data in your database. With this language you can easily embed Html.

All CGI programs can be done from PHP. CGI program is a program designed to accept and return data as per CGI Specification. With its help, you can collect Form data. Can create dynamic page content and send and receive cookies.

But there are three main areas where php script is used:

Server Side Scripting: This is a technique used in web development. In which employing script is included in the web server. Which produces a customized response to the request of each user of websites. Server side scripting is the most traditional and main target field for this language.

Writing Desktop Application: This is probably not a good language to develop desktop application with graphical user interface. But if you know php very well and want to use some advance php features in your client-side application then you can use PHP GTK.

Command Line Scripting: You can create a php script to run it without any server or browser. In this way you only need PHP parser to use it. These scripts are also used for simple text processing tasks.

How does work?

PHP Software works with Web Server. It accesses software web pages to a user. Think of it like this when you type the URL of a website in the search bar of your Web Browser, then you are sending a message to the web server by entering that URL that the web server should show that website in your browser.

As soon as the massage is read, the web server sends the Html file of that website to your browser. Your browser falls in the html file and displays the website’s web page in front of you. Now there will be a question in your mind that what is the work of php here. Here php acts as an interface.

Interface means that it converts the request sent in the server into machine language. Whenever a request for a file comes to the server, the php interpreter converts that code and accesses it in the database and picks up the file and sends it to the server. After which the server reaches that file to the user.

How to learn PHP Language?

This is the most commonly used Programming language on the Internet. This allows you to do much more than Html. You can create Powerful Custom Website with the help of this language. Now if it comes to learning then learning is not so difficult. But to make it simple, you need to spend some time for learning. Start learning with the steps mentioned below.

Information about PHP: Well we have explained in detail? But still before learning it, you should know very well what is PHP and how it works.

Install Web Server: The important thing you need to know Web Server. Through this, all the data that you do will be stored on your server. You will find both free web server and paid web server on internet.

Offline is Xampp

Search for resources to learn: There are many ways to learn it, such as – Online courses, Books, Learning Websites, YouTube, Apps and Classes. Out of all these methods, you have to find the best option for you. If you do not want to go towards paid learning, then you can take the support of Internet. There are many websites which share information freely. Such as – Code course, Phpmanual, Killerphp, W3school, etc.

What is Advantages?

There are many scripting languages ​​for web development. But why should you choose Php. So let’s know some advantages.

Supports all platforms:

All php based applications can run in different types of platforms. Most Operating Systems (Linux, Solaris, Windows, Unix) support with this language. It is easily interfaces with MySQL and Apache. This is why it is one of the widely used programming language.

Better Database Connectivity:

Many large e-commerce websites have been developed (Amazon) by PHP. These websites have a good database. Due to which these websites need a good database management system. For this php has a build-in module. Which helps to connect to the database easily. Due to which the data driven of these websites is fast.

Easy to use:

This language is much easier to use than the rest of the Programming Language. Beginners do not need any intensive study to learn this one. Its Command Functions are easily understood. You can find out what it does by its command name itself.

Advantage of Free Platform:

PHP is an open source programming language. That is why this is easily available and completely free of cost. Some support files are paid in the rest of the Scripting language. You can use this anytime, anywhere.

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